Compositions by Graham John

See Composer's Notes for background information and an explanation of the terms and conventions used. Compositions have been marked with a "first rung" date where known, so if you ring (or have rung) one not marked, or if you spot any errors or omissions, let me, , know and I will update the site.

WARNING - Although care has been taken to ensure that these pages are correct and the compositions are true, for your own peace of mind, you should always check that any composition your intend to call:
a) comes round;
b) is the expected length;
c) is true to the method(s) to be rung.

Index of Spliced Compositions

Index of Compositions by Lead Head Group

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Group b

Group c

Group c1

Group d

Group d1

Group e

Group f

Groups a-f

Group g

Group h

Group j

Group j2

Group k2

Group l

Group m


Index of Quarterpeal Compositions

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